Here at Ron's we provide a thorough check of each vehicle with any service to ensure top performance and safety! Our biggest concern is YOU and YOUR  SAFETY!

We also have a 1 year gaurantee for any parts and service so that you can rest easy knowing your car is in good hands!

BRAKE  service & repair

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 Since we rely our brakes so much, they tend to wear quickly and need service or replacement often.

How long your brakes last depends on many factors such as your braking tendencies, weather conditions and the quality of brake parts used.

The best way to get the maximum out of your vehicle’s brake life is through regular inspections and professional service.

At Ron’s Auto we install premium brake components ensuring you and your family are safe and that your brakes perform as they should for as long as possible!



​Here are just a few indicators that your car should come in for brake service

- When the brake dashboard light glows amber, (which indicates potential problems with your anti-lock brake system ( <ABS> ) )

- When the brake dashboard light is red, indicating a system imbalance

- When the brake pedal is spongy or slow to respond

- When you hear grinding or squealing when your brakes are applied

In many of these situations your vehicle may not be safe to drive. Please call us first to be sure. It may be wise to have it towed.